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Awurama M. Antwi

Intervention: CoRe

I can have two professions. 

Awurama is a pharmacist who always wanted to study Law in addition. She signed up to the Legal Practice Mentoring Group of the CoRe Programme with all manner of COVID-related anxieties. Today, she is on her way to her dream of adding Law as a second profession. She shares her joy at how it happened

My name is Awurama M. Antwi. I am a pharmacist. As a health professional, COVID-19 affected my life in many ways. I lived with a lot of anxiety about getting infected with the disease because of the great number of people that I had to attend to.

Before the pandemic, I had planned to go to Law School in 2020. The Law course fascinated me but because of COVID, I could not start school. I all but gave up on the course because I kept hearing that it was very difficult.

When I heard about CoRe, the only thing that attracted me was the Legal Practice mentoring group. And I am glad I made it! I have gained resilience through the mentoring sessions. I am now certain that anyone can become a lawyer through determination and hard work.

I specifically learnt that as a woman, I needed to work twice as hard as men to overcome some of the systemic barriers in our culture; but guess what: it is possible to overcome them. Every dream is achievable once the mind is set to it. For a long time, I held the notion that having two professions as a woman would not be feasible because it would be too difficult.

I now know for sure that with hard work, I can earn a seat at any table I desire to be at.