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Augustine A. Asare

Intervention: CoRe

Adversities have birthed greatness in me. 

Augustine’s hope of getting a job and setting off with his career plan seemed to have been dashed by the ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Amid his fears and doubts, he found hope to press on after encountering the CoRe Programme He shares his story with us.

My name is Augustine A. Asare and I live at Burma Camp. I got to know about the CoRe mentoring programme through a text message I received as a National Service person. I subsequently signed up to the Marketing and Digital Marketing group.

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, I was doing my National Service with the Ghana Armed Forces. The reports about the effects of the pandemic such as redundancies in many companies and businesses created a sense of fear and uncertainty in me about being able to get a job and pursue a career after my national service.

Additionally, I was a reserved and shy person growing up. I always had struggles relating with people in a new environment, so I decided to use my national service as an opportunity to improve my human relations, but this was not to be due to the interruptions and restrictions that came with the pandemic. During all these uncertainties, I became a member of the CoRe programme, which has benefitted me greatly.

I learnt that, amid difficulties and challenges, some of the greatest people we know today discovered their strengths and pursued the ideas that have placed them on the world stage. This is a key lesson and thought pattern that seems to have changed my perspective about challenges.

The CoRe Programme has helped me to further clarify my career path. I have also learnt to be resilient and strong whenever I encounter difficulties until I overcome them ultimately. The sessions on work-life balance, savings, and investments, among many others, have proven to be vital lessons for me.

I highly recommend the CoRe programme to anyone who wants to have a successful career in the corporate world. I have been able to balance my job search efforts with learning and having a healthy interaction with people around me.

The CoRe mentoring sessions on Digital Marketing Essentials held via Zoom have been very significant for my development as a marketer with passion for branding and digital marketing. It gave me the needed start in my pursuit of excellence in the digital marketing space. I surely will share these timeless lessons that have benefitted me with others.

May God bless the CoRe Programme