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Augustina Awinyela Samari

Intervention: CoRe

Emotionally fortified for the future. 

Having made wrong choices and mistakes in the past, Augustina is hopeful that the new knowledge and experiences gained during the CoRe Programme will serve as a springboard for better decision-making and a brighter future. She has started paying more attention to her talent development.

Augustina Awinyela Samari is my name, and I am from Yendi in the Northern Region. As a member of the Victors mentoring group of the CoRe Programme, I indeed benefitted greatly. I got to know about the programme through a message I received on my phone from a lecturer named Counsellor Eyram.

COVID–19 had made me fearful of losing my job and even dropping out of school. But thanks to my counsellor, Madam Pearl, I sailed through the difficulties and I’m now doing well. The CoRe Programme has so far made me a better person.

I have made terrible mistakes in the past that could easily have been avoided if I had the knowledge, I have now. I have learnt important lessons on how to handle stress and approach difficulties in a more proactive manner. The lesson on being patient and avoiding hasty decisions was so instructive for me.

Through CoRe, I am now getting a hold of my emotions. I have been equipped to handle the emotional aspect of my life far better, especially with regards to relating with others, including my love life.

The e-learning sessions on talent development were another major benefit for me. I am now paying more attention to my talents and gifts to develop them in the best possible way and impact others with them. Thanks to the CoRe programme.