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Intervention: CoRe

CoRe Got Me Back Up After a Painful Breakup. 

Araba endured a combination of broken relationships in an era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her world came tumbling down with an emotional breakdown. But Araba, saw a turnaround, thanks to the counselling and mentoring from the CoRe programme. She shares her story:

In July this year, my life was totally disrupted, not necessarily by COVID-19, but, by a painful break-up with my boyfriend. It affected me deeply. The worst part was that I was in the middle of writing an examination when we broke up. I couldn’t concentrate; I couldn’t study well for my examinations. I was very disappointed. My whole life was falling apart until the MASO Youth chairperson introduced me to the CoRe Programme.

I went through the counselling and mentoring sessions under the CoRe Programme and my life changed for the better. The session with Dr. Joana Larry-Afutu, the clinical psychologist, was instrumental. She taught me about how to manage my thoughts. I somehow found myself in the examples she kept using during the training programme and it resonated very well with me.

In his session, Dr. Acquah Coleman emphasized the importance of building strong social relationships. This soon became the remedy for my broken heart. I was no longer as lonely as I used to be. I shared my pains, fears, and anxieties with my core group of friends within my trusted social circle. All these helped a lot in building me into the new person that I am today.

Through this CoRe programme, I have come to realise that disruptions are a normal part of human life, which brings about changes. My duty is just to ensure that the changes that come about because of those disruptions are positive. But for this CoRe programme, I wouldn’t have known what my life would have been.

Thank You CoRe.