Springboard Road Show Foundation

Akwasi Sarpong

Intervention: CoRe

Dealing with the unexpected. 

Akwasi lost his job as a music teacher when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. He shares how the CoRe counselling sessions and mentoring by a famous gospel musician helped him to deal with the unexpected setbacks.

I am Akwasi Sarpong, a music teacher residing at Tema. The coronavirus pandemic led to my losing my job, but I used that as an opportunity to learn online.

My utmost gratitude goes to the CoRe Programme which trained me during this period. Each session on the platform helped to psych me up to the conclusion that all hope was not lost.

My most treasured session was on ‘Dealing with the unexpected’, facilitated by Dr. Erica Dickson. It helped me know how to respond to different kinds of unexpected developments and how to look for the positives in every situation.

Renowned gospel musician Akesse Brempong served as my mentor in the music group, and he was completely phenomenal! I cannot believe I had unfettered access to coaching from such a top professional in my industry, and for free!

Thank you, Akesse!

Thank you, Springboard!

You have done it again.