Springboard Road Show Foundation

Adizah Malith

Intervention: CoRe

I have a new-found hope. 

Adiza had her bread business adversely affected after the outbreak of COVID-19; but thanks to the CoRe programme, she has received hope to persist.

Adiza Malith is my name, and I am into baking bread. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic adversely affected my business because everything changed from what I had been used to. I didn’t understand why all the progress I seemed to have made was eroded in such a short time. I felt devastated.

The CoRe Sessions, particularly the e-learning session by Dr. Joana Larry-Afutu on ‘Dealing with the Unexpected’ gave me a new hope that the collapse of my business or any other venture is not the end of my story. That has been the main source of strength for me as I prepare to bounce back in business.

I am very grateful to the brains behind this programme.