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Stay Connected with the Grassroots – Rev. Apeagyei-Collins Urges Leaders in Easter Message

Stay Connected with the Grassroots – Rev. Apeagyei-Collins Urges Leaders in Easter Message

The Founder and President of Rehoboth Foundation Rev. Celia Apeagyei-Collins has urged leaders to stay connected with persons at the grassroots level in order to understand their needs and work towards meeting them.

According to her, some people practice leadership from an abstract place and remain disconnected from persons at the bottom of the ladder where they themselves came from.

“Part of our problem now is that we do not have a lot of incarnational leadership. Some of our leaders have forgotten what it is like to be poor. They have forgotten what it is like to stand in the rain, and they have also completely forgotten how it feels like to wait for trotro”

She further reiterated that leadership is about serving people and not just corporate objectives.

In an Easter message to Ghanaians on Rev. Albert Ocran’s Springboard Virtual University Programme which due to air on Joy FM on Easter Sunday, the award-winning Rev, Celia Apeagyei–Collins who has also been listed as one of the top ten most influential black Christian women in the UK indicated that Ghana and the rest of the world need future-fit leaders

“Future fit leaders get off the dance floor and look at the horizon. They get things done and this must be the story of the next generation of leaders the world produces”

From a humble beginning as a lay preacher on the streets of Kaneshie and the erstwhile Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins is currently the Director and Trustee of Operation Mobilisation, OM in the UK, and the Vice President for TEARFUND, a Christian charity that partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries, as well as an internationally sought-after conference speaker with presence in over 40 countries worldwide.

“Whenever I meet anyone, and they tell me about their dreams or business ideas, I tell them to ask themselves these four questions. Who am I? What do I have? Who needs what I have? How can I get it to them?”

She further encouraged people to believe in themselves noting that there is nothing more liberating than discovering and knowing oneself.

Rev. Celia Apeagyei-Collins’s dream is to see a transformed world, with transformed people thinking, desires, and actions, ready to make a difference in the scheme of things.

“Each of us is born, designed, and configured with a purpose or reason for living that is put there by God. “Our competencies, desires, what makes us happy, what books we buy and what prayers we pray, are all indicators of our purpose,” she concluded.

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