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Springboard 2021 Road Show Welcome Address by Comfort Ocran, Executive Director, Springboard Road Show Foundation

Springboard 2021 Road Show Welcome Address by Comfort Ocran, Executive Director, Springboard Road Show Foundation

Wherever you are, joining us from all over the world, HELLO, and welcome to the 15th edition of the Springboard Road Show.

Today is historic because this is the first-ever totally virtual convocation of the Road Show which has been running for the past 14 years since January 2007. This year we are hosting 4 virtual sessions in April, June, September and November. Today, is therefore, the first of four amazing experiences.

For those joining us for the first time and asking what this is all about; the Springboard Road Show is a mentoring platform that generates conversations and interactions between achievers and young people about Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Talent, Investment and Career Development.

If there ever was a time when such conversations are needed, it is now. This generation of young people is facing challenges previous generations did not face, they are dealing with pressures their parents are unfamiliar with an they are asking questions someone needs to answer. Springboard will continue working with young people and helping them to become the very best that they can be… leaders of this great continent of ours.

The Springboard theme for this year is REPOSITIONING. We say we are reviewing the PAST, redesigning the PRESENT and reimagining the FUTURE. 

The changes the world has seen, especially with COVID-19 and the growth of technology and innovation has meant that individuals, companies and even nations have to radically rethink their ways of doing things and reposition themselves for the future.

The virtual convocation of Springboard is a clear example of REPOSITIONING. As you probably may know, the Road Show has over the years taken us to all regions of Ghana and in the year 2011, additionally to Gambia and Nigeria.

Wherever we’ve stopped over, we’ve been blessed to hang out with hundreds and sometimes thousands of young people in in-person sessions with all the excitement and fun that comes with learning at Springboard. As a result, we were privileged to directly impact the lives of over 250,000 people

At the 10th Edition of Springboard, four years ago, we made a bold prediction that we would increasingly go digital until one day everyone would converge virtually and seamlessly from all over the world.

It was not a prophecy; but a pragmatic response to the increasing demand for the Springboard Road Show experience in several places and the humbling reality that we could not physically be at different cities at the same time.

The good news is that today, our prediction has come true with the help of COVID-19. Today every young person joining us from Accra, Afram Plains, Afadjato, Navrongo, Elubo or Techiman will enjoy the same Road Show experience as their counterparts from Abuja, Freetown, Johannesburg, London or Washington.

They can listen to the presentations, enjoy the entertainment, ask questions, win prizes and just enjoy the Springboard experience. Virtual is indeed a leveler.

Today’s edition of the Springboard Road Show is even more relevant due the challenge that we as a nation face when we look at the unfortunate choices some of our young ones take due the pressure that they face from their peers and society. Poor choices can ruin someone’s otherwise bright future. Springboard offers a mentoring platform like no other.

So today, we will receive the the Guest Mentor’s presentation by Dr. Joyce Aryee and the keynote presentation from Nana Benneh, CEO of UMB Bank. We will also have some youth voices sharing their testimonies, music by Six Strings and spoken word performance by Benumah. I will soon announce how to win some of prizes in the WOW Moments from our sponsors. We will finally have a colloquium where you can share your questions and comments and hang out with our resource persons.

Springboard Road Show wouldn’t be what it is without our sponsors and partners. I would therefore like to celebrate the dynamism and commitment of our sponsors MTN Pulse, UMB Bank and the Enterprise Group. Let me also thank our media partners Multimedia Group and Graphic Communications Group. As I bring my remarks to a close, I would like a big thank you to our innovative team at Springboard for putting this together and to Team Invictus for supporting the production.

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