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Resilience and dedication have been our story this year, says Selorm Adadevoh

Resilience and dedication have been our story this year, says Selorm Adadevoh

Selorm Adadevoh, CEO of MTN Ghana, has commended his team’s resilience and dedication, emphasizing the pivotal role teamwork played in overcoming various obstacles this year.

In a reflective end-of-year conversation on Springboard, your Virtual University, with host Rev. Albert Ocran, he shared key insights into the company’s journey over the past year and how they dealt with various external challenges.

“Resilience is a must-do for success. This year, despite a few external factors inhibiting the realization of our aspirations, my team at MTN Ghana demonstrated teamwork and resilience that saw us through those challenges. I am very grateful for their dedication,” Mr. Adadevoh noted.

He hailed the impact of MTN MoMo in significantly enhancing financial inclusion over the years. Touching on its widespread use in various sectors, including activities such as stock trading and investment, Mr. Adadevoh emphasised the need to take the development and utilization of Fintech solutions to the next level.

“We should be seeing many more locally designed solutions targeted at solving our problems as country and also as a continent” he asserted.

Mr. Adadevoh highlighted the company’s transformative initiatives and their impact as enablers of economic growth and development.

“The success of the AYOBA App, with 32 million active users in Africa, exemplifies our transformative initiatives and their impact on economies,” he intimated.

He also called for a mindset change regarding the acceptance of technology solutions. He stressed the need for a greater level of understanding and adoption, emphasizing the transformative power of technology in various sectors.

Turning his attention to the education sector, Mr. Adadevoh emphasized the importance of technology targeting specific areas of impact in education. He stressed the need to provide clear career pathways for students and align education with the demands of our dynamic landscape.

In response to a question on agriculture, Mr. Adadevoh hailed the importance of that sector and its value chain and their critical role in addressing various challenges on the continent.

“I struggle to understand why some still view agriculture as unattractive in spite of its significance to our very existence,” he mused.

On the issue of youth unemployment, Mr. Adadevoh encouraged young people to explore diverse career options and avoid the one-sided focus on finding corporate jobs. He emphasized the need for a shift in perspective to foster innovation and creativity.

“I encourage our young people to embrace entrepreneurship, look beyond corporate jobs and take more risks,” he encouraged.

Reflecting on his own career trajectory, Mr. Adadevoh shared his journey from engineering into technology, driven by a strong conviction about the impact of technology on the world and a desire to contribute to that process.

“The convictions I held have been validated, and I am grateful to have been part of this paradigm shift,” he reflected.

Asked about failure, Mr. Adadevoh touched upon the importance of learning from our failures by viewing them as important learning tools. He emphasized the balance between failure and success, stating that embracing failure has been instrumental in his career journey.

“Embracing failure has been instrumental in enriching my toolkit and contributing to both personal and professional growth,” he shared.

The role of mentors and their guidance has been identified by many as a key enabler for their career success. Asked about his mentors, Mr. Adadevoh indicated that contrary to convention, he drew inspiration from all levels including younger colleagues, contemporaries, and more experienced mentors.

“One of my turning points was when I met the CEO of Microsoft in 2006. He offered to mentor me and left me inspired to strive to become a CEO,” he recalled.

Selorm Adadevoh’s reflections on the past year highlight the importance of resilience, innovation, and a transformative mindset in navigating challenges and fostering growth. As MTN Ghana continues to make strides, the insights Mr. Adadevoh shared can serve as a roadmap for companies seeking to make progress as well as various leaders and CEO.

Springboard, your Virtual University, is a motivational and personal development broadcast that focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship, and career development.

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