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Musicians must keep up with current trends to stay relevant – Kuami Eugene

Musicians must keep up with current trends to stay relevant – Kuami Eugene

Music Icon Kuami Eugene believes musicians need to keep pace with current trends to remain relevant.
” Music is evolving. it is constantly changing”, he detailed

The ” Angela” hitmaker was sharing the story of his journey into music with Rev. Albert Ocran as part of the Engine Room series on Springboard, Your Virtual University on Joy FM.

The 2020 VGMA Artiste of the Year thinks it has become so easy to produce music, and therefore one must be extremely talented to stand out.

Kuami Eugene narrates how musicians now have to be succinct and straight to the point in their compositions because ” listeners just don’t have time to listen to songs that are 10-15 minutes long.”

Below are the Top Ten QUOTES from Kuami Eugene in his interview with Rev. Albert Ocran as captured by the Springboard team

I grew up in a tough neighbourhood dominated by social vices. My first musical performance was in the Presby church. It was so vigorous that the stage collapsed. However, the numerous invites that followed helped me move out of the ghetto.

My mother is my biggest role model and the greatest influence on my life, from my faith to my career, character, philosophy, and even lyrics. She prayed for me, disciplined me and, till today, always encourages me.

This is what brought me to light. I first heard about the MTN Hitmaker in my teens but chose to wait for a couple more years till I was more ready and mature before participating. I thank God I did

The hit song ‘Angela’ was my turning point. That song made me a household name. My first travel to the UK was to perform the song at a couple’s wedding, incidentally named James and Angela.

Music comes naturally. I play several instruments and compose under different circumstances. So many dismissed Angela as a one-off. But after Confusion and other tracks did well, and they still didn’t change their minds, I wrote, “Wish me well.”

I think deeply about my lyrics. Every music I put out there has a message. There are people from all walks of life who listen to me, young and old. I must impact them.

Music is a more effective means of evangelism than any other channel. I see myself as an evangelist spreading good morals.

The music industry is unkind and does not tolerate or forgive your vulnerability. The higher you go, the more pressure it puts on you.

In my early days. I hire big equipment to do anything. But now, I can do everything, including recordings, on my tablet. But, of course, easy access to music also means you need incredible talent, solid networks or divine favour to stand out.

I feel special and always bless God for making me. However, my greatest fear is to wake up one day and no longer be Kuami Eugene.

Source: MyJoyOnline

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