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MTN Ghana Supports 2019 Springboard Road Show

MTN Ghana Supports 2019 Springboard Road Show

Mr Selorm Adadevoh, the Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, has called on the youth to be conscious of the idea of “Fallacy of Immediacy”, which sometimes discourages them from holding onto their belief and putting in the effort to achieve their dreams.

“Too often, we just don’t want it enough. If we want it enough, we shouldn’t lose belief,” he said.

He said this at the Global Convocation of the 2019 Springboard Road Show held in Accra over the weekend to empower the youth to identify and build their talents.

Speaking on life improvement, Mr Adadevoh said life was about opportunity versus Opportunism, explaining that opportunity was what was available to someone and opportunism was how one took advantage of the opportunity to achieve something positive.

He urged the youth to add values to their lives, saying, “there’s no alternative values. It’s either you stick to your values or you don’t have values and success without values is no success”.

Using his life as an example, the CEO said he believed in values such as respect, integrity and humility as they were key components to raise people higher.

“Nothing in life happens by chance and the more you prepare and chase your dreams, the more your reach your destiny,” he said.

Sacrifice, Mr Adadevoh said, is a fundamental investment for entitlement saying, there was no right time to do anything as one just needed to be ready to take a step.

“We are all exposed to several opportunities daily but only a few see them. If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change,” he said.

Mrs Comfort Ocran, the Executive Director of the Springboard Road Show Foundation, expressed the profound gratitude of the Foundation to MTN Ghana for being the major sponsor of the Annual Show for 12 years.

She said the Show was a paid for event but became free for attendees this year due to the enormous support from its sponsors.

She urged participants at the event to be determined to make their lives better not just for personal gains, but in order to provide solutions to societal problems.

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