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Springboard is committed to growing people in the area of leadership, personal development,
career growth to set them on the right path to succeed in life.
Springboard is committed to growing people in the area of leadership, personal development, career growth to set them on the right path to succeed in life.
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Springboard Roadshow

The 2021 edition of the Springboard Road Show is going to be the most innovative in the series of nationwide engagement. It’s going to be totally virtual. Speakers will include key mentors as well as Springboard Alumni from across the globe.

Compelling and life-transforming messages will be interlaced with networking activities and the display of amazing creative skills.

Join the Roadshow experience from any part of the world with your devices.

Your Virtual University

Springboard your Virtual University is the leading motivational and personal development broadcast in Ghana. It’s been running nonstop since August 2008 on Joy 99.7FM, one of the leading English-speaking radio stations in the capital city, Accra.

The weekly broadcast attracts listeners and online viewers who are predominately in the economic active bracket, many of whom are young executives, business leaders and key decision makers. Springboard is covered by Graphic Business, the leading business newspapers in Ghana every week.

Each edition is also streamed live on three Facebook pages and uploaded as a podcast for several subscribers. The host is Rev. Albert Ocran with Comfort Ocran as Executive Producer.

The broadcast has consistently covered a broad range of areas like entrepreneurship, corporate excellence, communication, attitudinal change, leadership, savings and investment, management and international business.

CoRe Programme

The CoRe Programme was an initiative of Springboard Road Show Foundation in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and Solidaridad. The CoRe Programme was designed to provide support for young people in Ghana by mentoring and equipping them with relevant skills to enable them to survive and thrive during and after the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CoRe Programme was able to interact digitally with three (3) million young people across Ghana in both the formal and informal sector on a monthly basis.

The local collaborators of the programme were the National Service Scheme, Ghana Psychological Association, Ghana Registered Nurses’ and Midwives Association, and Ghana National Association of the Deaf. The CoRe Programme involved weekly e-learning, e-mentoring and e-counselling sessions in various languages for the beneficiaries.


TEENpreneurship (formerly KIDDIEpreneurship) provides the avenue for future leaders from different second cycle institutions to connect with one another.

Through interactive activities, they develop the necessary skills to become better personalities and agents of positive change. They share ideas, identify opportunities, and explore their own potential.

About 3000 teenagers have participated in the conference since its introduction in April 2010. They have undergone training in leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, sales, business planning, ethics and other skills and attributes required for career success.

Many of the teenagers who have participated in TEENpreneurship have already taken up leadership positions in their various institutions and their achievements are far reaching. Others have won several awards including the National Spelling Bee, Citi FM’s Write Away Contest and Joy FM’s Read One Hundred Project.


It’s a weekly Thursday evening program that affords the opportunity for young executives to brainstorm and find possible, viable solutions for their personal and professional lives.


LEAD is our women empowerment intervention where we provide a platform for inspiring female personalities to encourage other women.


SEED provides an opportunity for young people within Senior High Schools to grow their capacity in leadership and provide personal development and career guidance.

Springboard Clubs

Springboard Clubs are learning and mentoring groups comprising students and young professionals seeking to grow their leadership skills and prepare for the future.

It is an initiative of the Springboard Road Show Foundation.