Springboard Road Show Foundation


Virtual University

Springboard your Virtual University is the leading motivational and personal development broadcast in Ghana.

Road Show

The 2022 edition of the Springboard Road Show is going to be the most innovative in the series of nationwide engagement.

CoRe Programme

The CoRe Programme was an initiative of Springboard Road Show Foundation in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and Solidaridad.


TEENpreneurship (formerly KIDDIEpreneurship) provides the avenue for future leaders from different second cycle institutions to connect with one another.


It’s a weekly Thursday evening program that affords the opportunity for young executives to brainstorm and find possible, viable solutions for their personal and professional lives.

Ladies Empowerment and Advocacy Development (LEAD)

LEAD is our women empowerment intervention where we provide a platform for inspiring female personalities to encourage other women..

Springboard Entrepreneurship & Empowerment Development Project (SEED)

SEED provides an opportunity for young people within Senior High Schools to grow their capacity in leadership and provide personal development and career guidance.

Youth Dialogues

Youth Dialogues is an intervention from the Springboard Roadshow Foundation with engagement with the Youth.