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Go through the mill if you want to lead, PETROSOL CEO charges youth

Go through the mill if you want to lead, PETROSOL CEO charges youth

PETROSOL CEO, Michael Bozumbil, has challenged young people aspiring for business leadership to be willing to start from the shop floor, factory floor or the base of the ladder and work their way upwards. This, he said, will enable them to appreciate the intricacies of their chosen industries.

In a riveting conversation with Rev. Albert Ocran on Springboard, your Virtual University, Mr Bozumbil, said he started his work in the oil and gas industry as a pump attendant.

“I spent my post-secondary National Service pumping fuel to customers at my late brother’s filling station. This, coupled with several trainings I attended, organized by Shell, gave me a deep understanding of the workings of our entire value chain”, he said.

Mr Bozumbil shared profound insights into the fuel industry’s intricacies as well as his leadership philosophy. “I never set out with the intention of working in the oil and gas industry,” he revealed, reflecting on his surprising entry into a sector he had not initially envisioned for himself.

As a child, Michael aspired to work in diplomacy and journalism. These were largely influenced by his older brother who eventually became his mentor in the oil and gas sector.

Today, as the CEO of a thriving company, Mr Bozumbil’s connection to the grassroots remains steadfast. He still loves to spend time at the fuel stations, engaging directly with pump attendants. “I get to receive helpful feedback from them at first hand”, he intimated.

A genuine concern for solving problems is the best inspiration for an entrepreneurial journey. In 2006, driven by concerns for the struggles faced by indigenous players in the oil and gas sector, Bozumbil founded Petroleum Solutions with a focus on providing consultancy services to firms that required his services. “I started out as an enabler before becoming a player.”

Resilience in the Face of Adversity
Mr Bozumbil took advantage of the mentoring platform to share some of the daunting challenges he had encountered on his journey. “I worked for over six months without being paid. There was a time when I lost all my money and had my credibility questioned,” he recounted.

His narrative of resilience unfolded in the darkest moments, where he chose to trust in God, work diligently, and ultimately reinvent himself. This period of trial became a crucible for the respected executive, shaping both his character and the trajectory of PETROSOL.

Behind the success of PETROSOL lies Bozumbil’s methodical and strategic decision-making process. He said, “I am not an impulsive person; I carefully process everything I do before making a move.” This careful and thoughtful approach mirrors his commitment to ensuring the success and sustainability of his endeavors.

The result is a company that boasts a nationwide presence, with 120 fuel stations and triple ISO certification for quality, environment, and occupational health and safety.

Ethical Leadership
Bozumbil’s leadership philosophy extends beyond growth and profit margins. He insisted, in the interview, that he prioritises his people over his business’ assets. He further advocated for ethical leadership, emphasizing on the need to refocus our leadership conversation to help raise the next generation of great leaders.

In his opinion, true leadership should not just be about achieving business milestones but also about making a positive impact on society, especially among those less privileged. “I would love to see our society being more empathetic and committed to supporting the vulnerable amongst us,” he urged.

Challenging Societal Norms
In a society often preoccupied with appearances, Bozumbil offered a thought-provoking perspective. “Many people are more obsessed with form than substance,” he remarked. This societal inclination, he argued, places undue emphasis on optics rather than the real essence of life. Bozumbil called for a paradigm shift, urging individuals to seek depth and authenticity in their pursuits.

Rallying Call to Young People
Michael Bozumbil gave a rallying call to the youth, “Take life one step at a time; be focused on the end but pay attention to the now. Don’t fixate your mind on the challenges; instead, be obedient, follow the process, and get help where needed.”

This advice encapsulates the essence, leadership and wisdom of his leadership journey, a journey marked by trials, growth, and a commitment to making a positive impact on both business and society.
Michael Bozumbil’s journey and leadership insights provide a compelling narrative of innovation, resilience, and a commitment to both business excellence and social responsibility. This is what has led to PETROSOL, under his leadership, becoming a significant player in the fuel industry, illuminating the path forward with a blend of cutting-edge solutions, sustainability, and a people-first approach.

In a world where business stories often focus on the fanciful, Michael Bozumbil brings us back to basics with lessons for everyone – not just business hotshots but everyday folks seeking to climb up the ladder of life. It’s about being strong, doing things right, and caring for the people around you. In summary, go through the mill, do things right, and care for others along the way.

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